The ultimate guide to wearing blue eye shadow

We have seen it all over the catwalk as the '90s come back into fashion, and after seeing supermodels and celebrities pulling it off, well I'm guessing if you didn't already own a blue eyeshadow, you do now.

Apart from your teenage disco days when blue eyeshadow (and frosted lips and all the rest) was a given, you have probably re-tried it out after a glass of vino, and perhaps went a little overboard, leaving you looking like Pat Bucher from Eastenders, scaring you from any blue eyeshadow temptation in the near future.

So what if I told you there is a way for everyone to wear blue eye shadow and look great? Because there is.

  • Type 1

As a pop of colour on your lid

Perfect. ? #blue #blueeyeshadow #eyeshadow #makeup

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  • Type 2

In the tear duct

?Pop of Blue ? Used the #nyx #jumbopencil in "Milk" as a base for the inner corner pop of color! Makes it last AWWWLL DAY!

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  • Type 3

Under the lower lash line

? #blueeyeshadow #popofcolor #colorfulmakeup #everydaymakeup #makeup #eyemakeup

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  • Type 4

As a liquid liner on the upper lash line.

Ombré wing ?

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  • Type 5

As a pop of colour in the water line.


There you have it, there is something for everyone. Now you can stay in fashion and still look stunning.

Give it a go at home, and let me know how you get on. Have you ever had any blue eye makeup disasters?

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