Urban Decay Naked Palette: Are You Using Yours?

naked palette

The world and its wife wanted to get their makeup-lovin' paws on Urban Decay's Naked Palette when it launched and it's still selling out all over months later. If you were already a fan of Bobbi Brown then you might have found the hysteria about a palette of brown tones a bit on the funny bone side - I know I did - but I succumbed and bought one anyway.

So, am I still using it, six months later? I am as it happens, but I'm really only ever digging into three or four shades. Since the sad crumble-based demise of my Clarins Mono Couleur shadow in Desert Blonde, Virgin's become a bit of a staple as a daily all-over-lid shade. I also use Darkhorse a lot (a deep, chocolately brown) and the two smokey shades down the very end of the palette, Creep and Gunmetal, have been called into play a couple of times too.

And that is really about it.


Was it worth the €36? Not sure, to be honest. Did you buy one? Are you still using it and do you consider it good value? Lets dish in the comments.

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