Vaseline Spray And Go: Tights On Instantly Claim Tried And Tested

I am not a morning person so I welcome anything that makes my AM routine easier with open (and slightly dry) arms.

After I jump out of the shower, I want to slap on some body moisturiser and scuttle off to hug my Nespresso. Body oil sprays are not usually conducive to scuttling.  It's too easy to slip on the floor and end up flailing your arms around like a cartoon character. The alternatives are too often those gloopy lotions that take an age to sink in. Invariably you, and your clothes if you don’t wait the requisite three hours, end up covered in a greasy film.

                                                                               vaseline spray and go


But sticky no more! Vaseline have introduced Spray & Go to their stable of body moisturisers. It’s the same idea as those spray on sunscreens. The nozzle delivers a continuous spray and works from any angle.

The tagline advertises its anti flashing stance “moisturises in seconds so that you can put your clothes straight on”. This makes me think they were working with an Amish marketing team but once Winter arrives, I will be flinging on those layers as quickly as I can. And I will be able to because this product lives up to its non-greasy promise. Nudey no more!

It is available in three different types - Total Moisture is infused with pure oat extract for soft skin, Aloe Fresh with aloe to soothe and finally Cocoa Radiant is infused with pure cocoa butter for a healthy glowing birthday suit.


I picked up the Cocoa Radiant variety and I love it (from €6.15 for 190ml). The smell is lighter and more chocolately than the body lotion equivalent. Yum. It needs to be rubbed in just a fraction before it is fully absorbed.


vaseline directions


It even comes with instructions. Spray up, switch hands, spray down and rub in. (You might think this is ridiculous and along the lines of coffee cups warning that the contents may be hot. My brother, however, once tried to eat a Babybel with the wax cover still intact so I think instructions are underrated).

It is a light cream so if you have dry skin or the dreaded skin dandruff you’ll need to look elsewhere. One other thing is that the can doesn’t last as long as a bottle of the gloop lotion. But my Nespresso time is worth it.


I really like this spray, spritz and go lark. Have you tried it? Or are you strictly team body butter?

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