Vogue Williams shows us how to make a messy top knot cool

We have found the perfect day-off hairstyle. Vogue Williams shows us how to make a top knot look effortlessly cool when you're just hanging out.

Top knots are basically an old fashioned bun. Over time they have gone from the simple twist and wrap bun to the doughnut bun that was a much more sleek style. Vogue Williams shows us how actually the messier the bun the cooler it looks. This 'undone' look can actually take a bit of styling and patience to perfect so don't fret if it doesn't work out the first time.

This is the easiest version of the top knot. Let's call it achievable. There's not much skill to it. It's just twist and wrap in a tight bun and secure with a bobbin.

This one requires a little more skill and you need the long hair if you're going to let some hang down. Our tip for achieving this look is to start the top knot as high as possible on the crown of your head.


Here she is again with a crazy-cool top knot. The thing is, Vogue makes this look effortless but you can end up struggling with your hair. I have often attempted this 'undone' look only to have to make ten attempts before it actually looks effortlessly cool. Again, it needs to be high on your head. Sometimes it's easier to put your hair in a pony and then wrap pieces of the pony around the bobbin in a messy fashion.


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Vogue wears extensions in her hair. If you don't have enough hair to get the full, messy look, you can backcomb your ponytail to add volume. Backcombing will also make it easier to maneuver and secure into place with clips.


What's your go-to day off hairstyle?

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