The warming mineral mask that's the skincare equivalent of a hot toddy

A self-warming mineral mask that's perfect for detoxing winter skin? Sign us up.

We're all about comfort here at Beaut HQ. And we've found an especially comforting, soothing mineral mask we think you'll love. The self-warming formula is even reminiscent of luxurious spa mud masks. Who wouldn't want that on a miserable cold, winter day?


The mask in question is the "Mineral & Ginger Warming massage Detox Clay Mask" from The Bodyshop. At €16.50 it's mid-range in terms of price, so won't break the bank but would annoy you if it was rubbish (thankfully, it isn't though). When applied to damp skin, the mask instantly starts to warm up.


Unusually for a clay formula, this doesn't set/crack but stays creamy in consistency. We ultimately find that's a little more comfortable, but it'd depend on your own preferences really. After 5 - 15 minutes of relaxing, simply wash it off to reveal a brighter, fresher complexion.

If your complexion is looking a little dull of late, this mineral mask could be just the warming, soothing ticket to get it back on track.

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