Wednesday Dupe: NYX Versus Mac

Setting sprays seem to divide opinion. Some people swear by them, others are decidedly unexcited by them. I quite like them, even if only as a lovely skin refresher.

I won't get on a plane without a facial spritz or setting spray - my makeup always looks better when I get off on the other end. Without it, dry heated plane air has a way of sucking your foundation down into your pores and leaving you looking ten years older, or like a raisin wearing a wig.


  • Mac Prep and Prime Fix + (€20)

If you're a setting spray fan, you might agree with me that the most iconic is Mac Prep and Prime Fix +. I love the fragrance, I find it refreshing, and it rejuvenates a face of tired makeup. If you're heading out after work and don't have time to reapply that morning's makeup, a spritz of Fix Plus will 'unset your makeup long enough for you to apply concealer or foundation where needed with a fluffy brush, then set again like a new face of makeup! It's my secret trick. So don't tell anyone. 

Frankly, I think that Fix + is worth every cent because a bottle lasts me a year, but if you're in the market for a dupe, NYX will always oblige.



  • NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray (€10)

At exactly half the price, this setting spray from NYX is brilliant. It works exactly the same way as Mac Fix +, though I must say that it doesn't feature a lovely fragrance. It doesn't smell bad, either - it just fails to add that extra sensory experience that makes a product especially nice to use. Still, if you don't care about that, you have a nice setting spray and you've saved a tenner!

It is also worth noting that the spritz mechanism on the bottle is actually slightly better on the NYX version. Much as I love Fix Plus, the spray from it can sometimes be a tiny bit uneven.

Are you a setting spray aficionado? Or do you find them gimmicky and pointless? To the comments!

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