What kind of false lash girl are you?

False eyelashes are a very personal choice. It's important to know which kind of false lash girl are you before you stock up.

We love big eyelashes and sometimes mascara just isn't enough. There are a few things to consider when you are buying your falsies. You can ask yourself the following two questions to help you decide. Are you all about comfort or all about glamour?  Are you the patient type or do you have a need for speed?

Glamour or Comfort?

If you love all the glamour you need big huge strip falsies on your peepers. For the fullest, most dramatic effect go for fluttery, densely packed lashes with a black band.



If you like your comfort you probably won't be able to handle the full strip feeling. They can make your eyes feel heavy and you will be able to see them in your peripheral vision. So when comfort is key your best option is individual lashes. They can be tricky to apply by yourself but as with everything in makeup, practice makes perfect.

Patient or impatient?

If you are impatient and you want something quick and easy to apply a half strip is the easiest option to apply. With a half strip of lashes, you can place it on the outer half of your lash line. The technique is much easier than trying to hold down the outer half and inner corner of a full strip without getting glue everywhere.


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Do you love wearing false eyelashes? Which are your favourite style to wear?

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