What's Your Makeup Bag Worth?


Debenhams, which is completely brilliant at making up trends and then sending press releases out about them, has come up with something that'll easily resonate with the lot of you: €341 worth of make-up is what the average Irish woman carries in her handbag each day, a study the company has conducted says.

True? False? Debenhams reckons that the top three items we carry are  mascara, perfume and foundation with average costs of €24, €59 and €70 respectively.

I have to quibble these prices. €24 for the AVERAGE mascara? Surely this then means there is a significant number of Irish women toting €100 lash flatterers as well as those spending a tenner? And that foundation average stands up to zero scrutiny either. €70 is the average cost of a bottle of base?  Um, no, I don't think it is.


While the figures are a little skewed to my eyes, there were some other findings too: women from 18 to 25 lug about the biggest amount of make-up, and professionals from 35 to 44 tote bags that are worth the most. Yep, you'd expect that, I reckon.

What do you lot think? Do the contents of your beauty bag add up to the magic number? Today mine is filled with cheapass stuff because I'm on a bargain trip, so there's Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara and a Sleek palette taking up most of the room.  Nowhere near €341 for me - but depending on the day and what brands I'm carrying, yep, I reckon it's not far off.

Still bemused by that €70 foundation thing, though.

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