What's your Real Age? A highly scientific quiz

clock.jpgThe WORST quiz in the world - for me anyway.

In my seemingly never ending addiction to online quizzes, I took this real age one, confidently assuming I would come out of it at least a few years younger than my actual age. Due to my fresh and fun lovin attitude to life etc.

But OH NO! My result was TEN YEARS OLDER that my actual age!

Obviously intended for the younger amongst us, I did really badly. Could my lack of exercise and love of the odd vino be ageing me? Oh surely not.


But no matter I'll just continue on til I find one that gives me a flattering age. Sorted.

Take the test - and PLEASE tell me you all did badly too!

(Ignore all the prompts to enter your details/ register - you can take the test without having to do all that malarky.)

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