Why you should never skip toner in your skincare routine

Toner is a step we believe is essential to one's skincare routine.

For most women, less is more, in the skincare routine department, at least. We're all aware of the famous Korean-style ten-step regime, but seriously, isn't that going a bit too far?

Your grandmother probably only used Pond's Cold Cream cleanser; your mother most likely cleansed, toned and moisturised - until someone told her that toning is actually just a fad, and a splash of water would do.

Even if you do generally use toner, I bet you have skipped it from time to time, without much thought. Maybe you consider it like the base coat of a manicure: it helps the overall look, but it's not strictly necessary. Except that it is, especially if you have dehydrated skin.

The ingredients in toner help to rebalance the pH level of your skin, hydrating it. As well as that, in the morning, it prepares the skin for the next layers by gently exfoliating it, and at night, after cleansing, it rids the skin of the last bits of makeup or dirt.

I was one of those people who wouldn't bother restocking on toner if I ran out and it was nowhere near payday. Now, I have a backup in my bathroom cabinet. It makes my face feel cleaner at night and ready for serum and moisturiser. It simply is a must-have.

This is the one I'm using at the moment and really quite liking.

academie toner

But these are other toners we highly rate.









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