Wrap like an egyptian: bandage yourself slim?

mummy aisling

Last year I went for a body wrap in a posh spa.

"You'll lose inches" the therapist promised, taking an assortment of slimy looking bandages out of a bucket. "This wrap is great for detox too, the seaweed softens skin and improves circulation, so it helps cellulite."

All good to hear. Clad only in the paper knickers, first I had to subject myself to getting every bit of myself measured and the therapist recorded it all in a little notebook. ( Waist 23" etc).

Then I was wrapped up in said green slimy bandages. I lay down on a heated bed yoke and was covered in foil. I liked this part of the treatment as it meant lovely warm snooze time. Plus I got a head massage at the end of it.


All too soon it was back on my feet to be unwrapped. The bandages were unwound, I showered off the slime and then it was time to be measured again.

"You've lost 7 inches" the therapist announced brightly. Hmmm, I wasn't really convinced.

I didn't like this treatment at all, although I know some people adore it. It's a perennial feature of spa menus so it must be popular.

It just wasn't for me I suppose. And when I put my jeans back on they were still too tight.

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