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Last month and British Beauty Blogger surveyed thousands of our readers to find out who our clued-in online style community thinks are the best magazines out there.  The results are in - and they're interesting to say the least.   Lots of magazines that we might have expected to score highly just ... didn't.  Move over Cosmopolitan, step aside Marie Claire - according to our readers you're no longer where it's happening.

Start reading in a Lloyd Grossman voice, because we've ruminated, digested (and in truth let the polling software do most of the work) and are now proud to serve you up these results.

They're a delectable dish of glossy paper with a yummy flavouring of fashion and beauty.  Read on - and be sure to tell us what you think!


Best Irish Magazine: Image

Taking home over 40% of the total vote in this hotly contested category, the grande dame of Irish Magazines walked away with first place.  Glossy, stylish and totally luxe, we love Image and remember reading it at Mammy's knee as chislers.  Strong fashion, beauty, features and of course a goo at Miranda's Diary make Image a must read for us every month.


Best UK Magazine: Grazia

A really close call here with only a handful of votes between Grazia and Glamour in this category.  You chose Grazia, preferring your mix of celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty served up weekly instead of monthly.  Although we make fun of Grazia and its reliance on "sources close to" celebrities, we applaud its fantastic fashion and beauty coverage and think its got the  mix spot on.



Best for Beauty: Glamour

Your favourite magazine for beauty and we can see why.  Great photography, trend highlights, the newest products and great analysis and beauty articles.  Glamour resoundingly triumphed over InStyle and Vogue for this award and even the punchy high street favourite Look didn't come close.  Glamour we salute you! Says: "Irish readers check out The Gloss in the Irish Times and of course Image for great in depth beauty articles and features."

look cover

Best for Fashion: Look

We thought Vogue was a shoe-in here, but although it did well in second place, you prefer the weekly, bang on trend and unashamedly high street Look for your fashion fix.  Catwalk copies, run downs of the best buys in the shops, highlights of the key trends and keeping the fashion affordable proved to be unbeatable.  Pure fashion, pure fun: yay for Look Magazine - we wouldn't be without it.


Best Monthly : Glamour

Glamour wins again - and it's a win we're really pleased about.  Hitting the intelligent, super savvy consumer with its punchy mix of fun, fashion, beauty and great articles Glamour is your favourite monthly glossy.  A monthly magazine needs substance as well as style - we like to have something to you know, actually read, as well as just ooohing and aahing over the pics.

Best Weekly: Grazia

grazia cover


Grazia blew the other titles out of the water with over 40% of the vote in this category and although many weeklys are unashamed celebrity gossip sources, Grazia does things a bit differently.  A hybrid of a weekly gossip mag with all the brilliant fashion and beauty that we expect from our monthly mags, Grazia has carved out a very sucessful niche for itself.  You clearly love its ways: brilliant mag.

What do you think of the results? Let us know in a comment now!

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