Diet Coke... what's with the anorexic puppets?

"Hey that's a bit off isn't it?" said my friend as the new Diet Coke ad finished.

"Eh... yeah" I said. "In so many ways"

Horrible Bratz type puppets, with bug eyes, nasty lollipop heads and stick thin legs and bodies acted out an "everyday" office scene. Victoria Beckham lands a huge pile of paperwork on a Bratz desk (for some reason snarling, "Check this") and the resulting tension needs to be eased by the whole office ,"dancing" in formation on desks, on their way over to the vending machine - as you do


It's just as well they had strings to hold them up. Those stick legs would never have carried them over to the vending machine otherwise. This is a truely dreadful ad - not least because of the message it sends to young girls already familiar with the Bratz franchaise. The puppets are far too thin. Horribly thin. Now I haven't checked because pro ana sites make me feel ill, but it wouldn't surprise me if the body image in this advert is being hailed as something new to aspire to.

But maybe you don't agree - think I'm overreacting and you like the ad?

Tell us in a comment!

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