Exercise Challenge: We're Putting the Pace in Lenten Fast

With the dreary  days of January behind us and Spring just about upon us, its time to ditch those nights in front of the tv in our onesies and embrace the brighter evenings. Lent made us think about some that things we might give up but then we thought about looking at it from a different angle. 

I mean, what better time to inject a new lease of life into our fitness routines? If you’ve fallen off the New Year exercise wagon, now is the perfect time to shake things up a bit. Giving up things I like  for Lent just doesn’t work for me, so I figured rather than give something up, I’d try a new fitness activity instead. 

And here are three suggestions that might fit into your life:

  • Running

Okay, I admit, I’m not strictly new to running, but in my defence your honour its been Baltic out there and I’ve only braved getting back out again in the last fortnight. The beauty of running is that unlike Irish water, its free. Anybody can do it - all you need are a decent pair of runners and you’re away. And with so many apps etc to get you started, it’s a cheap and easy way to  get fit.

Too shy to venture out alone? Why not enlist a pal to be your running buddy or join one of the many clubs/groups around the country. Build it up slowly and in no time at all you’ll be running like a pro.  

New Balance Runners - SO Comfy!

  • Dance Fitness

There has been much talk lately about dance classes that not only promise the fun factor, but guarantee  to get you fit in no time. And nosy person that I am, I decided to have a gander at what's on offer. Given that I haven’t hit a dance floor since line dancing swept our shores in 1995, my expectations weren’t very high. But how wrong I was.

The choice is mind blowing - dance studios and gyms offer classes for adults in almost every genre of dance imaginable. If you’re so inclined you can strut your stuff to 80’s hits, get your groove on at hip hop, or unleash your inner Darcey Bussell at ballet for beginners. And there are classes in tap, jazz, pole dancing, ballroom, Irish dancing and Yolo, which I believe is a souped up version of Zumba.   Take your pick.

And the great thing about this is that you’ll be having such a laugh that it won’t feel like your working out.  


  • Boxing

If dancing or running arent' really for you, there are classes galore in gyms and sports halls everywhere. Most offer everything from yoga and pilates to TRX, kettle bells and spinning. But a friend recently roped me into a boxercise class.

I’d tried boxercise before in the safe confines of the gym but this was a whole new ball game. For starters the class was held in a proper  boxing club  complete with boxing ring and  punchbags. It all looked very hardcore and I was certain there’d be punches thrown my way and I’d end up black and blue and missing a front tooth.  


I needn’t have fretted.   The class was completely non contact, with plenty of skipping, squats, pad work and punching of bags. I was in my element and felt very empowered as I worked up a sweat on the punchbags. And if your looking to shake up your workout, I’d definitely recommend checking out your local boxing club and giving this a go.   

Would you like to join our Lenten Fast-paced training sessions? Are you planning on  easing back into fitness this Spring? And if so, tell us what activities you’ll be trying. 

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