Kim Kardashian shows no Mercy as she puts down her kitten?

You might remember that Kanye gave Kim THE most adorable fluffy white kitten anyone has ever seen a couple of months ago.  Well if you didn't see it, it wasn't for lack of trying.

Kim had so many photo ops featuring herself and Mercy it was unbelievable even for her.  And of course I and every kitten lover around the world fell in love with Mercy and as a result with Kim.

But at the weekend Kim got four month old Mercy put down.

Why?  Well there was some convoluted reason posted on her blog that I'll sum up. With many protestations of being "heartbroken" etc, Kim said she was allergic to Mercy and gave her to Khloe's assistant. The assistant found that Mercy had a "rare form of stomach cancer" and had to be put to sleep.


Do you believe her?  I don't know to be honest.  People put down healthy animals all the time when they're tired of them or couldn't be bothered looking after them.  So even if this doesn't apply to Kim, it does to plenty of other people and it makes me both sad and mad in equal measure.

An animal is for life and not just for a photo op.  Or Christmas.

So please nobody get a pet for Christmas unless you're in it for the long haul.  They will get sick.  They will cost you money.  But they love you and trust you and they're so worth it.

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