When you're young and NOBODY UNDERSTANDS YOU and the world is unfair and teachers are the devil and WHY did you have to get a big zit just NOW when the GAA disco is on Friday and your mother is the MOST embarrassing woman on the planet, life sucks.

Sound familiar?  Brings you back a bit eh?  GOD FORBID parents ever show any personality or individuality at this key stage in your life.  The world revolves around YOU, only you, don't they understand that?   They must be exactly like every other mother and father or you will DIE, DIE of mortification.

So imagine the total scarletness of Jo Scanlon's daughters as she shook her stuff on Got To Dance.  There was plenty of groin thrusting, lots of hip shaking and "drunk ma at a wedding" type moves.  Plus her dancing duet with Ashley Banjo will SCAR her daughters for life.

Unfortunately this clip of legend resides nowhere on the Internet that I could find - except for this example.  Now someone's obviously taken a video OF their telly.  Not ON their telly, they just videoed the whole telly (yes really), so the sound is desperate and accompanied by live guffawing by the people in the room.  Relative's  or friends of Jo's?  Very likely.


So listen, has your Ma or Da ever done anything to top this?  Go on I bet they've embarrassed you in more ways than you can remember - that's their job!

Let us know the incidents that scarred you for life in your misunderstood years!

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