Poll: Come On You Boys In Green?

I couldn't get in touch with the electrician. He wasn't answering his phone. That's weird I thought.

Until I happened to hear him on Newstalk last Sunday being interviewed from Poznan. Aha! I thought - well no wonder he's not taking work calls.  He was over with the rest of the Green Army in Poland, giving it socks and supporting the team.

The collective heart of the nation sank into its boots when we went 3-1 down against Croatia on Sunday evening in Poland.  But the supporters were - and I don't say this lightly - legend.

Their cheers were mighty, their spirits were high and they did their best to rally the team.  And their banners were - amazing.  Many of them caused confusion amongst international commenters - but in the best tradition of in-jokes WE knew.  Us Irishers that is.

Here's a couple I liked - I'm sure you've seen more that you love.  If you have - share the link!

Sharon Curley's Pregnant

To which the crowd roared: "Lets see her fit into those jeans now"


Facing down riot police in Poznan with nothing but wit as their weapon


This one got social networked around the world and also ended up on the front page of the German Newspaper Bild.  Tee hee.

Will you be watching and cheering them on?


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