POLL: I hate you so much right now. Does THIS phrase grind your gears?

"You're narky. Are you on your period?"

The classic put down. This is a phrase that is only uttered by men.  Men who have never had to suffer the wide hormonal swings that can lead to hysterical crying and hysterical laughter within the same five minute time span.  Who will never suffer agonising cramps and a feeling that they're being clawed alive from the inside out.

And you're usually NOT on your period when they say this.  You're just IN A BAD MOOD! (Or they're being a fecking tool who won't ask for directions even when they're totally lost and won't admit it and have been driving for what seems like hours and you're starving and they're just being a pain in the arse. This is a totally hypothetical situation of course.)

If "someone" says this they're doing it to grind your gears and by god it works.  How annoyed does it make you?


Or have you got one that makes you madder? Share the RAGE!

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