Poll: Would you prefer to lose weight more than anything else

While in the hairdresser spending €200 getting Ballyage (only 100 years after the trend has peaked, but sure what the hey) I read an interesting magazine article in Dec. Elle.

It said that according to research women would rather lose weight or maintain their ideal weight than ANY other goal. So rather than getting a degree; being promoted; being in an ideal relationship, or having our dream home (or Dream Cat in my case) we would rather be thin.

As women have gained more independence and status, thinness is seen as a cultural marker of success. And yes I know there are many health risks associated with being overweight but this article wasn't dealing with that issue.

It was saying that the more successful we become the more we want to be thin.


How do you feel about this? Think it's true? Take the poll and let us know!

(To help you out here just think about what topped your list of New Years Resolutions).

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