Quick! Help! What Are YOUR Best Cold Remedies?

woman blowing nose

I feel it in my fingers/I feel it in my toes ... but most of all I feel it in my nose.

A cold's a-brewin' and I want it gone quick sharp. I get HORRENDOUS head colds. My chest is rarely affected thankfully, but I'll turn into an all-sneezing, all-snotting gloop machine for several days and it's a completely miserable experience. I can't work and have to take to bed, and with the constant snot, pounding headaches, red raw and bleeding nose, zero energy and the works - oh you know what I'm talking about.


So, what are your favourite remedies to try to knock a cold on the head before it gets going - and once it's settled in, how do to dose yourself to usher it out quickly? To the comments!

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