Ruth Negga had 'great craic' at the Golden Globes and charms the pants off America

Ruth Negga's charm offensive in the US continued unabated last night as she visited Jimmy Kimmel for a late night chat and proceeded to delight as only she can.

Negga talked about growing up in Ireland (naturally) back when we only had two channels (remember those days?) as well as Sunday's Golden Globes and getting a shoutout from Meryl Streep during her speech on the night which, as you can imagine, is mind-boggling for any young actor.

It also turns out that Negga took her cousin David, AKA the luckiest relation in all of Ireland after Rita Farrell, to the Golden Globes although she was at home in bed by 11 pm, so not the wild night that could have been (fingers crossed David had a night out for both of them).


Negga also talked about her intimate W Magazine cover with Natalie Portman who she only met five minutes before getting very up close and personal with.

All in all, we think it's safe to say Negga is charming the pants off America right now.

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