Scorsese to direct new Chanel ad. The mind boggles

Did you borrow my goddamn Chanel without asking me you goddamn piece of shit. BANG BANG

Chanel are well known for their fabulous cinematic advertorials starring big names. And now they've gone one better and recruited director Martin Scorsese to direct their latest campaign for the new mens fragrance. French actor Gaspard Ulliel will be the swoonsome and moody face of the fragrance and will star in the ad.

But... Scorsese and Chanel? Let me repeat (and must shout this bit) Scorsese and CHANEL?!

That's a bit of a turn up for the books wha'?

But not as strange as may be thought at first. Rumours have been circulating for quite a while and Andrea D'Avack (Chanel president) has said that as they view him as the best director alive they've been after him to direct for them for ages.


What on earth will the ad be like though? Mafiosa style shootings, opera music, danger, big cars, dark haired women? All shot through a blue film. Scorsese was spotted filming for Chanel in Brooklyn, so I'd hazard a guess that he's not going to deviate too far from his normal tack.

That's my guess anyway - what's your opionion?

(In other bizzaro director/beauty ad news David Lynch is directing for the new Dior campaign)

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