Stop the spread: Ireland's getting tubby round the middle. How does your waist measure up?

Ever since Safefood launched their latest campaign it's been a constant topic of conversation - on the Blather, on the radio and in the papers. As a nation we are in a desperate state of denial about our expanding waistlines - almost two thirds of us are overweight but only one third of us actually admit that we are. And this mass denial is actually making it acceptable to be overweight - something which is not healthy for us.

So here's an easy way to figure out if you need to lose that weight that's putting you at increased risk of diabetes, heart problems, osteoporosis and some cancers. Measure your waist. Women should measure less than 32" round the middle and men less than 37".

And no, it doesn't matter if men have been wearing the same jean size for the last twenty years. Irish men wear their trousers under their belly and down around their arse so this is NOT an accurate measurement.  Here's how to measure


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