Swinging Yoga babies: a craze that could catch on? Or just sick and wrong?

"Is it a plastic baby?" I thought when I first watched the swinging yoga baby video on You Tube.
"It must be. No one would do that to a newborn"

But it is a real baby. And it is a real video. And it does really happen. In the clip I've put up (the original has been removed from You Tube due to the volume of complaints), ABC News verify the video and tell about how Time Magazine travelled to Russia to check out the whole situation. Lena Fokina the yoga expert featured in the video, reckons the whole thing is perfectly fine and leads to the development of stronger healthier babies. Igor Charkovsky, a 74-year-old Russian with radical ideas about extreme water training (leaving babies in tanks of ice cold water for up to ten hours etc), yoga and gymnastics for chislers, is behind the whole 'yoga baby' movement. He told AOL News this week that his methods strengthen infants and lead to what he calls "super babies." These super babies become strong and fearless adults. HE says.

This is SHOCKING to watch. We are always taught that new born babies should be treated like cut glass - very very carefully. To see one being tossed around like this goes against everything that is ingrained in us.


What do you think? Think we'll see a wave of new age mothers throwing their new borns round on Stephens Green now? Or will you have the ISPPC on speed dial in case you ever catch a whiff of this?

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