Terminal 2: Flight's on time. David Murray makes me swoon for Ireland in new DAA ad

The DAA advert for Dublin Airport's Terminal 2 almost brought a tear to my eye with the pride. All the things Ireland has done, all the greats it has sent out into the big wide world. Well timed, especially at the moment, when we're feeling that we haven't been doing much right at all.

And it took precisely 2 milliseconds to clock the fact that David Murray, the actor in the ad, is EXTREMELY hot.

Confident and urbane yes, but most of all ... HOT.

In a conversation with Matt Cooper at the Irish Book Awards last night we were talking about one of the DAA sponsored categories. And then (as you do) I babbled on about the new DAA ad.

"Have you seen it? Yer man is gorgeous"


Various ladies in the conversational cluster agreed vigorously. Matt himself (although I'm sure quite frankly bemused by me and my witterings) good naturedly applied his hefty brainpower to the matter in hand "Yes" he pondered "I can definitely see it. He's got the whole Daniel Day Lewis vibe going on there."

Yep, you nailed it sir.

What do you think of it? Like it? Hate it? Fancy the suit off David Murray?

Or does a nice silver fox not do it for you at all? (Click here to see the silver foxes who've got us all hot under the collar in the past)

Thoughts please!

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