The Hunger Games is Coming, along with a LOT of Brilliant Beauty Inspiration

katniss everdeen

Katniss Everdeen

If you've read Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy and liked 'em, the the odds are probably in your favour that you're looking forward to the first film, The Hunger Games, landing in cinemas on March 22nd. And gripes about it being a Battle Royale rip off and the slightly inevitable snoozefest of one girl, two guys angsty love triangle aside (well, these are for teenagers), the books kick Twilight and its badly written ilk into an extremely cocked hat.

For starters, with an Atwood-esque future imperfect plot and some nifty Running Man themes, the action takes place in Panem, North America-gone-horribly-wrong, somewhere in the future. It centres on strong female protagonist Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who is thankfully no drippy Bella Swan. Along with Peta, another boy from her home district 12, they wind up at the 74th Hunger Games. A play-till-you-die Big Brother-style event screened annually to all the districts of Panem as well as its glitzy, overdone and venal Capitol, it's a battle of skill and wills.

effie trinket and katniss

Not many shots of Katniss glammed-up pre-Games have been released but Effie Trinket's 40s-futuristic fashion thang has been really well realised

effie trinket

More Effie - check out those nails. Will we be rocking massive corsages and rainbow eyes come SS12?

hunger games


And even more Effie. If she's anything to go by, I absolutely cannot wait to see the lineup of the Tributes and what they'll be wearing

But before all that happens, there's lots and lots and lots of bonkers fashion and beauty. In the books, Katniss has a styling team who prep her for her pre-games TV appearances and this is where a lot of Collins' skill lies - and which, from the preview shots, looks like it's translating well into the film itself. Crazy gadgets, OTT hair and makeup, nails for miles, body modifications and insane wigs, dresses, shoes and much more.

effie trinket for China Glaze

There's also a China Glaze Capitol Colours collection for the film - and are those Paperself lashes I spy?

china glaze colours for the hunger games

The China Glaze shade lineup

If you thought The Fifth Element and Total Recall were good spots for a bit of futuristic beauty inspiration then I think the Hunger Games is about to blow both of them out of the water, add some whipped cream and a cherry on top for good measure.

And for that I say: YAY! The odds really are in our favour!

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