Unreasonable phobias: Lime in the kettle OCD

I know it sounds ridiculous and I know it makes me sound like a total spanner - but I cannot BEAR or ABIDE lime in the kettle.

I live in a hard water area and the lime build up in the kettle is quick - oh so quick.  I am ever vigilant, rinsing it out, boiling it up with bicarb of soda - I even filter the water BEFORE it goes in the kettle for shags sake.  In a filter jug.  Kept specially for that purpose.

But still that damn lime persists.  I know it's harmless, I  know it won't hurt me - BUT IT MAKES ME SICK.  IF I see a deposit of lime at the bottom of a cup of tea I practically gag.

I even clean out the kettles in other peoples houses, that's how bad it's gotten.

"I'll make the tea" I volunteer - JUST SO I CAN RINSE THE LIME OUT OF  THEIR KETTLE.  The Beaut.ie parents are used to my lime obsessed ways but I know others think I've lost it and are slightly insulted that I think their kettle is dirty or something.


I don't honest - I'm just afraid, oh so afraid and revulsed by lime.

Please tell me you have a ridiculous OCD "thing" and make me feel better!



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