WeBuyAnyCat.com, Cats4Gold; catisfaction guaranteed with purrfect pastiches


We're unapologetically cat crazy here at Beaut.ie and we're having the best laugh ever with these witty and hilarious take offs of the original -annoying -  Cash4Gold and Webuyanycar.com sites.  By simply replacing the words Cash and Cars with Cats these businesses take on a whole new life.

Want a No Kibble guarantee?  Or sign up for a Newslitter?  Don't paws for thought - this is puntastic cheese at it's best.

Launched on April 1st for the past couple of years these websites are so much fun.  But not everyone is taking it the way they should.  The latest site to join the family is Cat Converters (who tweeted us yesterday to warn us about the Get Out Claws on other sites).


Offering Pay Day Loans to those who are cat rich but cash strapped, services include Cat Cashing: the quick and furendly way to turn your cat into instant cash. It's especially useful if you need to cash a 3rd party cat.

The original Cash Converter site is throwing a mickey fit and is threatening to  sue Cat Converter for breach of trademark.  Take a chill pill and laugh guys - these sites are A JOKE.  Did the release date of April 1 not tell you anything?  Relax and enjoy the fact that you've become such a recognised name that a parody like this will work.

Check out Webuyanycat.com (don't miss the Branch Locator) and Cats4Gold.  They're fully featured sites with slogans that will have you cracking up- gold’s not as alluring as something that’s purring .

Ah this is why I love the Internet so much.

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