Weight Watchers works - Lee from Mwah.ie tells her story

Beauty blogger Lee of Mwah.ie has been blogging about her incredible weight loss journey every week - and I've been hooked on her progress. Through a combination of grit, determination and following the Weight Watchers plan, she's managed to shift an incredible 20 pounds. And what makes it more inspirational is that she is unselfishly sharing all her ups and downs with us along the way on her blog.

Lee's really proud of herself (as she should be, she looks amazing) but she's quick to point out that she's "not finished yet! Things are going well and I'm very happy to be loosing the weight, whether it's one or two pounds per week. I believe that the weight is more likely to stay off if it's done slowly and steadily. My goal is mainly clothes size related rather than aiming to hit a particular weight. I want to be able to fit comfortably into a size 12-to-14.

I don't want to loose my womanly curves and I don't think I'd look like me if I was a size 10."

So I threw a few ceists her way the other day starting off with what motivated her to lose the weight in the first place.
I think it was always in the back of my mind. As the ultimate shopaholic, going clothes shopping wasn't fun anymore - a lot of high street shops don't cater for sizes above 16. Back in June I came across photos of me when I was on a holiday with friends when I was 17 . I was just reminded of how well I looked and this was the push I needed to get my ass in gear.

Lee at her 21st - one of the photos that got her inspired

Like most of us, Lee has tried zillions of diets over the years, so why did she pick Weight Watchers this time?
I've lost weight before, but it has never stayed off. I went to a weight management clinic to loose weight for my 21st birthday. Basically it was the Atkins diet but I paid a fortune for weekly weigh-ins. The weight did drop off, but as soon as I began to re-introduce carbs it crept back on. Then six years later I was the biggest I'd ever been.

Weight Watchers is a programme that works well no matter your lifestyle. They are realistic about goals and the time taken to achieve them. They teach you what to order when you're eating out and they even allow alcohol and chocolate. Now I personally would much rather eat my points than drink them but it's nice to know I can have a Coors Light or vodka and diet mixer for 1.5 points.

Tell us some more about the diet and how it works.

Changing habits
On the first week when you're given your little folder with all the information it can be overwhelming. I treated it like my bible. I brought it everywhere, the best thing I did was to bring it to Tesco. It was amazing to walk around the shop and take the time to calculate the points in everything.

Meal planning
I have also changed my food shopping habits; I now sit down with Brian (my other half) and plan our meals for the week - something I had never done before. I am also cooking a lot more. I get some recipes from the Weight Watchers folder, website and also my leader, brings in recipes to the weekly classes.

Thumbs up for the tracker
Each week you are given a tracker leaflet where you are asked to write down everything that passes your lips along with the point value! I have to admit, I don't remember to do this every week but I know that when I do, my weight loss is usually greater than when I forget.


Water and healthy snacks
My other saving grace is water. I used to drink at least a can of Diet Coke a day but even though it's zero points in Weight Watchers, I just have one as a treat. I now drink one-and-a-half to two litres of water a day. Yes, for the first week or so you're running to the loo but afterwards your body gets used to it. It also helps with hunger when it's coming up to a meal time. My advice is don't leave home without it! (I also usually carry an apple and / or a Weight Watchers Toffee Bar in my handbag!)

Exercise is vital for your weight loss. I used to dread exercise, even the thought of it, but now I look forward to my walks in the evening with Brian and our little Bichon Frise, Muffin. I also like to meet up with friends for walks and I vary locations too for a change of scene. Although I find Killiney Hill a killer it brings out great weight loss results!

Muffin: all together now - squeee!

What keeps you going? Being on a long term diet is a really tough slog
I am a firm believer of the weekly meetings and I find they really give you focus - you know you have to face your leader on a weekly basis. It's funny the things a grown woman would do for a Silver 7 sticker when you loose seven pounds or the glass pebble you get when you reach a stone! I've found that now that I'm 'in the zone' my diet has become part of my daily routine, which in turn, keeps me motivated to achieve my goals.

I also find my weekly updates on my blog an important part in my motivation. I have gained a number of followers, some of which regularly get in touch with me and we share recipes and experiences with each other.

And finally I asked her - what's been the best bit about losing the weight?
I'm now between a size 14-16 and being able to pull my size 18 trousers up and down without opening buttons and zips is brilliant! I have a pair of size 14 combats at home with the tags still on them - I bought them in 2006 and have never fitted into them. Before Weight Watchers I could pull them up as far as my thighs, I can now comfortably close all the buttons and I should be ready to wear them outside the house in the next two weeks or so.

As well as shedding the pounds, I also feel a lot better in myself and have a lot more energy too.

Hurrah to Lee and go girl - we look forward to reading her continuing weekly updates !


All images via mwah.ie

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