Rate it: What's in your beauty sin bin?

beauty sin bin

Regrets, I've had a few ... and quite a few of them now reside in an assortment of shoeboxes in the back of my wardrobe.

No, I haven't dismembered a load of old boyfriends: I'm talking about make-up and skincare and haircare products that have been consigned to my beauty sin bin.

There are a few things that qualify products for a place in this cosmetics graveyard. The number one reason something winds up in there is because it doesn't live up to the hype or fails to do what it says on the tin and is, in essence, rubbish. Other products are cast aside because they're the wrong shade for my colouring or simply don't suit my skin.


Then there are the products that are too similar to ones I already own, or are grand in their own right but just a bit, well, boring.

What's in your beauty sin bin - and how did it end up there?

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