Women. You REEK. Please Cover Yourselves With Acti Pearls Immediately.

acti pearls

It's not that I object to the advertising of sanitary towel product and tampons - of course not.  It's just that I am uneasy with the WAY they are marketed.

Always have done some repackaging from the looks of things and they're determined to tell us how beautiful and feminine their products are.  I'm sorry Always.  Jam rags are not beautiful and they never will be.  They are a functional product and this pretence that they are something beautiful is mind boggling.

Because women you see, you actually stink it seems.  Acti Pearls must be embedded into feminine hygiene products and advertised during prime time telly - during the news for instance - to make sure this message is rammed home.  Now I'm not a prude by any stretch of the imagination but this new Always Acti Pearls ad makes me cringe.

It can't be just me who sees echos of "women you are UNCLEAN," however unintentional, in this?  I mean, we don't  see ads for Acti Pearl-infused jockstraps do we?  No its all "spray more get more": men are free to scratch their nebs and stay in the same jocks for days - and no one raises an eyebrow.


It makes me long for simpler days.  When it was all about freedom of movement and WHOOAHOAH BODYFORM.

Now have a happy period you hear.

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