X Factor's Got the EX Factor: Lack of Personality Blands Everything Into a Shadow of its Former Glory


X Factor I think you might be going the same way as Big Brother.

In its heyday everyone was crazy for the most boring show on TV - Big Brother.  The subject of who was being voted out/in, the performance in tasks and all the gossip were probably the most discussed topics in offices for years.  And so it was with the X Factor.  But this year there's a serious lack of interest from what I can gather.

Big Brother stumbled on for a few more years with the Celebrity version: I predict a Celeb X Factor in the next couple of years as Cowell kicks a few more million for himself out of the franchise.

Once evil music mogul genius Simon Cowell departed, depriving us of his big ego and love him/hate him personality that everyone was desperate to impress, it spelled doom for the show.


And leaving clearly spells it out that he himself is just so over the UK X Factor.  The ratings have dived and Simon has apparently issued a directive that they must improve by 10% every week from now on.  Eh, how's that going to happen Simon?  Perhaps if there were some decent judges and contests perhaps?

This year's judges are just a shadow of the foursome we were used to. Gary may be a handsome bastard and every woman in the audience may be lusting after him - but he's no Simon in the judging stakes. Kelly Rowland is a goddess - but er kind of an annoying one. All the pretending to cry and having dreams about contestants just ain't working for me. Tulisa seems like a really nice girl - but she's not Cheryl. And Loueee - the only original judge - well he's just Loueee.

And I haven't even started to discuss the contestants.  I'll leave that to you lot!


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