The last dress you buy this summer should be this €35 number from New Look

For all our talk, we're not quite ready to give up on summer. That's where this New Look dress will come in handy

Tea dresses were the best thing to happen to this spring/summer season. You can wear them 'up' or 'down', you can wear them to work and at the weekend and they basically suit everyone. They also have that laid-back, sigh, 'French Girl' vibe about them that everyone suddenly wants to do. So do it. It's a good look.

We spied this dress in New Look, and despite our ramblings that we're ready to pull on the pull tights and woolly jumpers and DO this autumn thing, we're buying.

Look at it from the back! Because, the back! Some sneaky sexy, New Look. Good job.

new look dress 1

New Look €34.99

The colour palette is flattering and will work for next year too (probably). Yes, we're getting it later today. Yes, we're wearing with white plimsolls tomorrow.

new look dress 2

Oh, hi!

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