I wore this €30 dress to a Christmas party and everyone loved it

I picked up a €30 dress in New Look recently, wore it to a Christmas party and got so many compliments.

Regular readers will know I have a shopping addiction. It means I have a wardrobe full of clothes I wear once or twice and it also means that instead of feeling satisfied with a good buy, I feel guilt. It makes it all ok, though, when I pick up a bargain like this and everyone tells me how great I am because of it. I mean, it's a fetching €30 dress - what would you do?

It's a pure and simple trend piece. Red snakeskin - how could it not get compliments? The truth is, if it was another style, maybe it wouldn't, but it's mid-length and wraparound which means it's flattering and suits all. Hurray!

It's also a little bit festive because of the red hue.

New Look


Red Snake Print Soft Touch Wrap Dress €29.99

What's great about it - other than the price - is that you can dress it up or down and wear it day or night. For the party, I wore it with gold hoop earrings and black stilettos. I'm actually wearing it to work today (last day before Christmas - yay!) with black boots. Always black.

Did you get on the snakeskin trend this year? Did you notice all the snakeskin and red? Do you think this is a handy dress you can use multiple times for different occasions?

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