Where to buy this spring's It Shoe right now

The It Shoe of spring 2019 is already in shops. It's a style you might not have known will be cool this year, but it is and you can buy it today.

One person's It Shoe is another person's S*it Shoe. That is until all the most influencers wear it. Then it's everyone's It Shoe. I have a feeling, though, that you'll like this one straight off the bat. It's chic, cool and inoffensive in its style and It status.

The 'trend' began on Instagram with the label By Far posting pics of their muses including my homegirl Jeanne Damas sporting square-toed footwear. Oh, because that's the trend. It's a high-heeled sandal with a square toe. The toe can reflect the heel for an all-over block feel, but I like them juxtaposed with a skinny heel.

There's good news if you're a shoe hoarder, like me. Go back through your archives and you might just find that pair from 2002 that you wore to the debs. Extra 'vintage' points if they're bejewelled.


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Those in the know have already transitioned to the square-side, and you can get on that train right now, if you like, because they're already available on the high street. To keep the memories of poker straight hair, icy-blue gown (maybe that was just a few of us) and dancing on a floor sticky from spilt Jagermeister at bay, don't go all out square. We are taken by this pair from Zara that has reinvented the toe shape for 2018.


Block Hell Velvet Sandal €49.95

There are loads of colourful ones on sale in New Look!

New Look

Lilac Leather-Look Square Toe Stiletto Sandals €14

Do you like the thought of a square-toed sandal or is it way too much of a dodgy throwback for you?

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