Love or Loathe? This new Zara top may be trying that little bit too hard

Fashion is divisive, that we know (especially from our Facebook comments - keep 'em coming!). One person's perfect look is another's horror show and vice versa.

Personally, for example, I look the way the Olsen twins drape themselves in the most oversized of oversized clobber, but others call their look 'bag-lady' - and not in a good way.

Zara is the one shop that no matter what your taste, you'll find something. If its website is anything to go by, Zara's clientele is mainly Scandinavian models who hang out with rockstars and get up at noon because they've been up all night perfecting their bedhead and smokey eye (if you know what I mean). But Zara attracts women of all wakes of life. The basics are basic (a good thing), but those with an eye for a good bargain will always find something that looks more expensive than it is, items that could (if you squint your eyes a little) be designer.

Its reputation for catwalk rip-offs has been slammed, but fashionistas who are empty of purse will turn a blind eye. Sometimes, though, Zara will produce something that is so obviously 'fashion', people may admire it, but few will actually buy it.


It's asymmetric alright. But it hits the spring trends of florals and frills, too, and at least you'll only have to tan one arm if you wear it on a night out. For the record, I quite like it. Have a look at it on:

It will certainly attract attention. But only good attention if you adopt an attitude as sassy as the model's.

So, is this something that you'd dare to wear since it only costs €30 and it's worth it to take a fashion risk. Or do you predict that you'll see hundreds of these on the sale rail come summer?

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