You Decide: Who was the best and worst dressed at the Grammys 2018?

If the Grammys 2018 red carpet wasn't full of multi-coloured, ginormous and generally ridiculous clothes, it wouldn't be the Grammys.

Lady Gaga dragged around her HUGE black skirt for the start of the night, which she later took off to reveal a laced jumpsuit underneath. Pink wowed with her feathered gown and Cardi B seemed to emulate a swan in her white frock. Then there were the safer bets, Miley Cyrus (unbelievably) kept things demure in a velvet black jumpsuit, and Anna Kendrick looked amazing in a lace corset and checked pantsuit. And let's not forget about the men, at film awards we're used to seeing them in black tie and more black tie, so it's nice to see the musicians mixing it up. Sam Smith in green, Zayn Malik in pink and Tyler, The Creator in a classic white fur hat, of course.

Tell us who you think hit the mark this year, and who was nowhere near. Swipe left and right below.


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