Simple Ways To Always Look Put Together

When you look put together you feel like you can do anything. While it's not possible to look put together all of the time, these simple tips will help you feel more confident, organised and in control of your life.


Keep your nails well-groomed

Nice looking nails shows you pay attention to detail and care about your appearance, however, you don't have to spend a fortune going to a nail salon every week to have well-groomed nails.

Once a week spend some time cutting and shaping your nails and pushing your cuticles back, add a coat of clear nail polish to help strengthen them.

If you want to paint your nails, nude shades always look so elegant but if you'd prefer some colour sticking with the shades that are in season will ensure your nails don't clash with your wardrobe.


Have a signature makeup look

Developing a quick and easy makeup look for every day will not only help you feel more put together but it will also save you some time in the morning.

For my everyday makeup, I do a full face(foundation, powder, contour, blush and highlight) brow gel, mascara and some lip balm. As I wear pretty big glasses I like to skip eyeshadow because the glasses are already drawing attention to my eyes.

Your signature look might be less makeup than mine or more that's up to you, but from experience having a go-to makeup look has really helped my confidence and made the makeup application process easier because I'm not stressing about trying to make my eyeshadow look good.


Invest in staple pieces for your wardrobe

Good quality staple clothing pieces that you love will instantly make you look and feel more put together.


Everyone's staple clothing items are different, as it depends on your personal style but investing in basic pieces for your style will make putting an outfit together so much easier.

Once you have all of your staples pieces you can then have fun buying a couple of more seasonal, trendy items.


Practice good posture

Sitting and standing up straight is an easy and free way to instantly look better.

Slouching is bad for your back but it's also bad for your self-esteem.

Having good posture will naturally boost your confidence, so take note from runway models and practice walking like you're on the runway for London fashion week!


Develop a skincare routine

An effective skincare routine will make you look put together no matter how much time you spend on the rest your beauty routine.

Having good skin is definitely a confidence booster plus taking time out of each day to take care of your skin is a great form of self-care.

I've only recently started taking better care of my skin and now it's something I genuinely look forward to and always make time for no matter how busy life gets.



Do you have any tips for looking put together?

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