That '70s Thing! All You Need to Nail This Season's Hottest Look

The Seventies has taken over. So much so, prepare yourself to see a total decade revival in terms of the fashion you see people wear. But it's not really about doing the look head to toe. I think it's more practical to pay tribute to it by adding in a piece here and there to get the look down. So I've done some research and come up with my top three Seventies pieces to help you get your Seventies thing on.

  • Flare it up

Monsoon AW15 Monsoon AW15

Jeans are getting wider. Forget the old reliable skinny, nope, it's about bootcut and flares. Now they can be super flattering once you wear them with the right shoes. Keep the heel high and block-ish and avoid the stiletto and any kind of pointed toes. The flares need to sit length ways along your foot and not sideways which can make them look like an upside down funnel.

New Look, €29.99 New Look, €29.99
  • Fringing

Penneys, €30 Penneys, €30

We've chatted about the power of the fringe before, and you can easily include it into your everyday style without looking like you are bound for a festival. Keep it simple, so wear a fringed back or even a fringed jacket instead of a blazer. Less is more when you come to this iconic detail!

Dune, €85 Dune, €85
  • Paisley

Penneys, €12 Penneys, €12

We might have been all about the florals for Spring, which we still can be by the way, but we can add in some paisley too. It was a big hit about two summers ago, but its power lingers on. Wear a paisley shirt with some dark denim jeans or a denim skirt with ankle boots to keep it casual.

River Island, €40 River Island, €40

So do you think you can get into the Seventies groove this season? Or will you be sticking to any other trends?


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