6 high coverage foundations to suit any budget

We do love a good natter about foundations here at Beaut. Last week we wrote about high street bases that could cut it in the luxury world. Today, we’re looking at high coverage formulas to suit every budget.

During the summer, a lot of us will choose to wear a lighter foundation, especially if we’re away in a warm climate. BB and CC creams are great when there’s a bit of sun in the sky. However, come dreary, sunless winter days, a little bit of coverage can be just the ticket to make our skin (and selves) look and feel a bit more human.


Miriam tried out two purse-friendly, high coverage foundations recently, which gave some good results: Essence 2-in-1 Make-up & Concealer (€4.80) and then the Paese Long Cover Fluid (€16.49). Both gave the coverage she loves and over all, got a thumbs up – although the Paese did seem to have the upper hand.


Personally, I really like the Vichy Dermablend 3D Corrective foundation (€21.99). For work, I sometimes use it as a concealer for blemishes or underneath eyes but it definitely performs well when used as an all-over foundation too. It offers long-lastingg coverage and a finish that is matte, without being totally flat or lifeless.


Going up to more luxury picks, we have the classic Estee Lauder Double Wear (€37) and Double Wear Light (€38). Of these two, I prefer the Double Wear Light, but horses for courses and all that. When you boil it down, they both give decent coverage. Perhaps more importantly, they come in a wide variety of shades, too.


Another foundation that I really love for times when higher coverage is needed is Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation (€25.50 available in 14 shades). This one provides hydration throughout the day so tends to be a particularly good option for anyone who finds that the majority of  long wear formulas feel tight, or uncomfortable on the skin.

Now that winter’s on the way, will you be switching to a higher coverage too?

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