Airport Style: How to look chic when you're getting on a plane

Airport style has almost 80,000 hashtags on Instagram. It's a real thing - and it's a source of unneeded stress for fashionable jet-setters

Even though the sky life has changed since the glory days when only the most glamourous people flew, the words 'airport' and 'style' still go together like 'mile' and 'high' and 'club'. Since the dawn of the aeroplane age, airport style has become an essential part of travelling, whether you're going to London with CityJet or LA on a private jet.

The airport is one of the best places to people watch, which means people will be watching you. However, airport style does not necessarily mean glamour. In fact, the more dressed up you are, the less you get it. Victoria Beckham may be snapped going through security in a €1000 dress and heels, but she has a buggy to take her to her gate. Do you really think she walks more than a few metres in those things? Properly savvy, snappy airport dressers know that comfort is key. But it's the 2010s, darling, and comfort can be chic.

Leggings and tracky bottoms aren't reserved for the gym anymore - and even though they have a reputation for being a bit 'lazy', they can look very cool. Layers are a good idea on top; sometimes the plane can be freezing, other times it's way too hot.

Wear shoes you can easily take off and put back on again if security asks you to. Wear sunglasses to look cool and to take a nap behind. And to protect you from the paps' photo glare in case they mistake you for a celeb.

Here's an airport outfit we put together:

Leggings: €13 / T-shirt: Topshop €20 / Runners: Zara €49.95 / Shirt: H&M €24.99 / Duster: New Look €20

And here are some celebs with casual chic airport style inspiration.

  • Emma Watson
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Alexa Chung
  • Jessica Chastain

Radoslaw Nawrocki/

  • Julianne Moore
  • Dakota Johnson


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