Aloe Aloe - a Product for Rescuing Sore Skin

aloe vera

In Aphrodite's super-helpful post on suncare ratings, Sweetie asked us what would be good to put on heat rash? God forbid that we'd have a chance to get a heat rash in this country at the moment, but as it is holiday-time, it's a fair bet a lot of people are jetting off for their two weeks to the sun this month.

One thing that's hard to beat for soothing burns, irritations and rashes is Aloe Vera. Many people keep an Aloe plant in the house, and use the sap from the leaves as needed. If that's all a bit DIY for you, you can buy a myriad of Aloe lotions, gels and sprays in the shops. Fruit of the Earth do a load of these, and all at reasonable prices. Their Aloe Lotion is €8.40 for 473g, or you can also pick up a smaller size, 139g, for a mere €4. In addition to Aloe Vera, this bucko also contains wheatgerm, and sunflower and sesame oils, so it's lovely and conditioning on stressed skin - which helps to make up for the less-than-stylish bottle.


You can also pick up the brand easily nationwide - check out Shaws branches and Sam McCauley, Hickey's, Unicare and McCabes pharmacy chains.

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