Lidl Cien mosituriser for sensitive skin


A friend rushed up to me with the news, brandishing a moisturiser.

Her skin is so sensitive that even Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream (which has been her staple) can sometimes irritate it. So surprised was I (Yoda speak sorry) when she told me she loved this stuff from Cien and her skin was well able to tolerate it.

"You're kidding" I said.

"Nope. It's calming and cooling and it smells lovely. Here have a go."


Packed full of Aloe Vera and other cooling and soothing ingredients this green day cream moisturises well and smells gorge. And you have it from an expert (sensitive skin girl) - it shouldn't irritate anyone.

Lidl is just so grim it's not somewhere I'd automatically think of when buying beauty products - least of all moisturisers for sensitive skin. But if they're seriously cheap and work well, then why the hell not. Alas at the time of going to press I was unable to source an image of this product, but it won't be hard to find, don't worry. In you go to Lidl, head to the teeny beauty section and within seconds you'll have located your moisturiser. It only costs a few euro, so hurry to the till to get it thrown at you and land on the floor if you're not quick enough.

Ah cheap and effective - just the sort of thing we love at Beaut.ienomics. Have a look at some of the other supermarket beauty buys you've rated.

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