Angela Scanlon confirms the shade of the summer

With all the hoopla over Sharon Horgan's Glamour Awards win we missed fellow fabulous cailín at the awards, Angela Scanlon. Until now, obviously.

But how could we have ignored the presenter and style maven in this number?

Yes, she is resplendent in a salmon ensemble. She says it's the colour of an '80s toilet, we say it's the colour of an early '90s toilet, but hey, the eighties are in. And so are the early '90s. And toilets are always in style. Well, not so much in style as always necessary.

Moving on; while Angela is a genuine fashion risk taker, she also knows what suits her, and it turns out that peach suits pale skin and red hair. Who knew?

Now that we do know, we've found a couple of pieces straight from the High Street so you can try out the colour for yourself, be you pale and red-haired or other.

  • New Look playsuit (online exclusive) €24.99




  • Zara linen top €25.98


  • Penneys beach cover-up €7, bikini top €10, bikini bottoms €7



Will you dare to wear (almost) bare this summer?




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