What's The Best Bridal Tan?

tanned bride

I was at a hen night recently where the topic of bridal tanning came up. To a woman, each of the would-be brides wanted to sport a golden glow on their hypothetical big day and wasn't really interested in the idea of skin finishing. Fine. My see-through blue-white skin means I'm a bit the same myself about even a trip to the pub, so I can understand where they were coming from.

However, I was completely taken aback by the number of otherwise eminently sensible girls who admitted they'd rather opt for a course of sunbeds in the run-up to their wedding than use even a gradual self-tanner.

The horror on my face must have been plain - there was lots of "I know, it's so bad for you, but ..." - as the, um, logic was laid out. These girls wouldn't be opting for a UV toasting because they were worried about problems with application of a self-tanner or the resultant colour. Nope, the biggest concern in the gang was staining The Dress, specifically under the arms, as their hypothetical wedding day wore on and their tan wore off.


I know it's the biggest day of a girl's life and everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and it's a matter of personal choice and we're all adults here all the rest, but hopping aboard a known carcinogen-causing device rather than risk getting some tan on a dress you're most likely never going to wear again is beyond bonkers in my book.

This is one I'm going to throw open to the floor in hopes that the married ladies among you will share your own experiences with your dress and your bridal tan, and maybe change the minds of a few would-be sunbed brides while you're at it. What worked for you on your big day?

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