5 Autumn/Winter 2019 Makeup Trends You Need To Know

The colder months are fast approaching and with that comes all new fashion and beauty trends. Here are five autumn/winter makeup trends that will be everywhere this season.


It's all about blush

The last few years blush has taken a back seat as bronzing and contouring took centre stage but it's back and not in a subtle way.

A nice, healthy flush of blush on the cheeks is going to be a huge trend this season, which will perfectly complement the minimal makeup look that has become popular in recent months.

A little bit of extra blush can really freshen up your look as Ruthy Ruby demonstrates here.


Soften those smokey eyes

Our Instagram timelines are full of amazingly colourful and dramatic eye looks by very talented makeup artists but trying to recreate some of the more wearable looks can be challenging, if not impossible.

Lucky for us soft smokey eyes in neutral tones that complement your skin tone is the big eyeshadow trend this season.

A soft smokey eye is easy to create and this subtle look will save you time too. Unlike a traditional smokey eye, you won't need to spend time building up the eyeshadow for a bold look.


Minimalism comes to makeup

The huge lifestyle trend of minimalism has made its way to the makeup world, as this season sees barely-there makeup set to become a huge trend.


The minimalist makeup look has steadily grown in popularity with brands like Glossier coming into the market who promote healthy skin over wearing lots of makeup.

This trend has its time-saving benefits and will look great with a nice flush of blush or a glossy lip.


No more precise liner

Grungy, 90s inspired smudged liner is back this season, which is great news for those of us who struggle with getting a super slick straight line.

So there's no need to worry if your pencil liner smudges throughout the day, embrace it.

Why not try this simple smudged out top and bottom liner look.


Glossy lips aren't just for summer

Keep your lip glosses out because glossy and dewy lips are here to stay for autumn/winter.

You can use lip balms, tint, gloss or sheer lipstick to achieve this look, the choice is up to you.


It seems like this season's makeup trends are really channelling the '90s and early 2000s.

Which of these trends are you going to try?

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