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smashbox Masquerade Group Shot

Really liking the look of Smashbox's collection for Autumn, Masquerade. It's well balanced, I think - a nice, wearable collection tapping into that leaf-shedding staple, jewel tones.

Want a closer look at what's above?

Masquerade shadow palette

Look at this! I think I'd find a genuine use for them all (except maybe that lemon - tho it could look good to the corner of a navy eye, no?). The Masquerade eye shadow palette is €40 (Sterling price is £35, so bravo Smashbox) and it contains a mix of mattes and shimmer, making it a fairly fully-featured little collection for all sorts of looks, day and night. Inside are a matte soft peach, shimmering black plum, matte taupe, metallic khaki, shimmering gold, bronze, metallic cabernet, shimmering navy plus matte bone



Next up's this Baked Fusion Soft Lights palette in Illusion, €35. We like these Fusion highlighting/illuninating fellers, and this one contains a trio of champagne, soft gold and rosegold shades, so could this be a replacement for my almost-done Perfect Topping? Or is it a bit more like Prestige's yellower-toned offerings? A comprehensive scientific test involving me sticking my fingers into one will have to be done.

On our left here is Creamy Cheek Colour in Intrigue, €32. Described as a warm pink, it's got vitamin E and a soft, creamy texture. Beside it though, is something I'm that's piqued my interest - O-Gloss Noir, €25.  This is a new incarnation of the brand's existing O-Gloss (and of course we've seen some more of these pH-activated doofers from Clarins and Bourjois this summer), and the difference here is that it goes on black, and transforms to a bold berry shade.

Again, not sure how effective this is going to be without trying it but the hope is that it will be darker than the pink O-Gloss transforms to - so I look forward to giving it a go.


Last up are a couple of lip and eye shades.  Lip Enhancing Gloss in Reveal (golden nude) and Disguise (golden pink) will be €20 a pop and then we have two Liquid Liner and Lash Overlays (a fancy way of saying you can also use these - like you could any liquid liner - to tip the ends of your lashes with colour) in Bronze and Teal. These'll be €20 each.

Like the look of anything? The collection goes on counter this month, so if you do - not long to wait!

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