BB Creams: absolute shite or the absolute shizz?

I really really have to laugh every time I see  someone saying that they think BB Creams are rubbish.  Because unfortunately I generally find them about as good as tinted moisturiser, or moisturiser with a "hint of foundation".  I've occasionally hit upon a good one - but it's the exception and generally really should be called a foundation - because it actually works and provides decent coverage.  (Read the BB Cream category to see what we've tested).

In the West we've ended up with a basterdised version of what is a very good product in the East.  BB Creams (or Blemish Balms to give them their proper title) were originally intended to smooth, brighten, whiten, protect from the sun and generally even out skin tone - and in Asia they did it very well and became cult products.

But when the West hopped on the bandwagon a lot of things got lost in translation and what we ended up for the most part was just... tinted moisturiser.


Some of them are good and Emma in particular has gamely battled her way through every BB Cream known to mankind in her efforts to find the decent ones - read Ten Best BB Creams and you've  rated BB Creams here.

But what I really want to know is: are BB Creams the Emperors New Clothes of foundation?

And the killer question: have you ever actually RE-BOUGHT the same BB Cream?

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