The 6 beauty items you need at work for going from desk to dancefloor

It's the sixth day of December and we're exhausted already. Christmas is not just one day here in Ireland. The Irish for December is Mí na Nollaig which literally means month of Christmas and we take that seriously.

Between decorating our homes and our desks and our dogs, and making lists of presents to buy (because we know the buying part isn't going to happen until the 23rd) we find ourselves meeting various groups of friends for a festive cocktail or few. Sometimes you have a game-plan, but then there are those other days, the days when you promised yourself you'd stay in but you simply have to catch up with so and so. For days like these, you have to be prepared.

You don't have to lug your makeup bag around with you every day of the month. Instead, make sure you have these six simple items stored somewhere at work.


The one thing to make you feel ready to go is a spritz of the smelly stuff. After a long day, a dab of perfume on your wrists and in your hair (don't ever forget the hair) will help you feel refreshed.

  • Concealer

catrice camouflage cream-beauty-items-desk-dancefloor

Don't bother with storing an entire bottle of foundation when a heavy duty concealer like Mac Studio Finish or Catrice Camouflage Cream will do. When you've already been wearing makeup all day, all you need is to touch up the areas that may have slipped off.

  • Setting Spray



The best way to make your makeup look refreshed is with a setting spray. Spray it on your face before you touch up your concealer to prepare it, then apply the concealer. If you feel that you need to set your concealer, use one layer of toilet tissue (yes, really!) to blot and then give your face a quick spritz again. We like this one from Urban Decay and this one by NYX.

  • Lip/Cheek stain


Don't hoard two items when one will do. When you're going for drinks straight after work you want the getting ready process to be as speedy as possible. Give your cheeks a pretty flush and brighten up your smile with something like Benefit's Benetint or Wet N Wild's Mega Slick's Balm Stain.

batiste original-beauty-items-desk-dancefloor

Even if your hair is freshly washed, a spray of dry shampoo at the roots will help bring back the volume it lost during the day. It's all the better if you didn't bother washing your hair the night or morning before.



You don't need any other eye product except for a slick of fresh mascara which will wake up your look. Then that's it, you're good to go!



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