Ol' Blue Eyes: Showstopping Makeup For Your Baby Blues From Mac, Inglot, Urban Decay, Naked Palette And Essence

A few weeks back I shared my favourite products for enhancing my own green eyes but today I decided to be a little less selfish and let you know some of my favourites for blue eyes as well.

And for this, we need to break out the colour wheel again which will show us that orange is the colour on the other side of the spectrum and thus it will make blue eyes pop right out of your skull.

Of course, if the thought of bright orange eyeshadow scares the crap out of you, warm golds will also do the trick but lets not rule them out just yet.

l to r: Mac's Amber l to r: Mac's Amber Lights and Texture

Firstly you need to get yourself into your closest Mac store and pick up 'Amber Lights' and 'Texture' eyeshadows.

'Amber Lights' is a warm coppery bronze that is definitely one of the more wearable options if you are still in shock that I wrote the word 'orange' a few lines ago. It has a pearlescent finish and is just absolutely stunning. Sweep this all over and you are good to go. 'Texture' is a warm matte medium brown that has some orange to it. If you have blue eyes, this was designed for your crease!

If you would rather save a few euro, get into Inglot and customise your own palette for blue eyes. May I recommend '15', a stunning pearlescent peach-orange, that is shot through with gold? This is a really unusual one but totally showstopping on the eyes.


l to r: Inglot's 15, 361 and 51 l to r: Inglot's 15, 361 and 51

More basic shades that I would recommend are '361', a matte peach for blending out the crease and warming up any eye look, or '51', a hot matte orange with tiny glitter particles that are practically invisible on the skin. This would be ideal in the crease with a brown layered on top to make it less terrifying. This would make your blue eyes scream, I promise!

Of course, the original Naked Palette by Urban Decay is also ideal as it features lots of warm golds and warm browns. Or Smashbox and NYC have both designed palettes with your specific eye colour in mind.

l to r: Naked El Dorado Bling Bling l to r: Naked Palette, Urban Decay's El Dorado, essence's Bling Bling

If you are still too afraid to break from your every day neutral routine but still want to enhance your eyes, I recommend applying a warm gold liner underneath your lower lash line instead. Try something like Urban Decay's 'El Dorado' or even essence's 'Bling Bling'.


If you yourself have blue eyes let me know, would you brave an orange eyeshadow? What are your favourite tricks to make your eyes pop?

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